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Johnny's Shoes


For this piece, I applied the paint first and place Johnny’s feet on the canvas to create the imprint of the shoe. There is some really interesting tearing of the canvas, where Johnny decided to leave his own mark.

The Shoulder


For this piece, I applied the paint on Johnny’s shoulder and neck area and tried to capture the contours.  There is a lot of strength that comes from this area.  This is also the location of his very distinctive brand.  ‘KV’ stands for Kalinga Valley, which is the stud farm out of which he was bred.  The number 7 means he was the seventh foal born at the farm.  The number 1 stands for the year of his birth, 2001.  Johnny’s brand has a lot of significance to me.

Float like a Butterfly


Johnny hates butterflies, but his legs help him to float like one.

In this piece, I used various parts of Johnny’s legs. There are impressions of his knees, fetlocks, tendons, chestnuts (which are unique to Johnny, like fingerprints), and a scar he has on his hind left. My thinking here was that the layers of paint symbolized the layers of training that are necessary, and that build on the legs as their foundation. In the painting, the layering comes together in an image that looks like a flower. Butterflies love flowers. Butterflies love Johnny. Johnny HATES butterflies.

Tail Brush


This piece is inspired by Jackson Pollock, and the fact that many brushes are made from tail hair.  Why not use the tail itself?

For this application, I used a couple of different techniques.  I used a series of random drippings from the tail, and degrees of splatter by whipping the tail on the canvas.  Similar to how horses use their tails to swat flies…or butterflies.  Horses also use their tail when they are stressed.  The effect is really active and emotional.  This piece makes me feel like a horse feels when they use their tails.

The 'Mane' One


I created this painting by applying paint on Johnny’s mane, and drawing the canvas across the mane to create a sense of movement and flow.

This painting was a lot of fun for Johnny and me.



This painting is called ‘Power’ because it was created using Johnny’s powerful hind end.  I used impressions of Johnny’s hip bone and glutes.

This painting is kind of ironic, representing Johnny’s ‘dual personality,’ as a powerful athlete (and occasional ‘Black Dragon’) with a softer side and a heart of gold.

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