SOLOSHOT3 vs PIXIO Robot Camera Man

Since posting my unboxing video of the SOLOSHOT3, I’ve received numerous questions about why I prefer it to the PIXIO Robot Cameraman. The short answer is because the SOLOSHOT3 is truly designed as an action camera. In contrast to the PIXIO, which might make sense if you regularly train at the same indoor facility, the SOLOSHOT3 is far better for eventers, who travel a lot for training, school and compete in large open fields, and need a setup that is quick, easy, and flexible.

Here’s a more comprehensive and comparative overview of the SOLOSHOT3 and the PIXIO:

Tracking Range 2,000 ft. (outdoors only). Once the Indoor Accessory is ready later this year, SOLOSHOT3 will have an indoor tracking range of 100 feet. 330 ft. indoors and outdoors.
Set-up You only need 2 items: the Base and the Tag. Setup and calibration only takes 30 seconds. Requires that set up 3 beacons, the Base, and the Camera.
Battery Charging You only need to charge 2 items: the Base and the Tag. Requires that you charge 6 items: 3 beacons, the Base, the Remote and the Camera.
Anti-Theft K-lock option for the camera to the Base, and a tripod lock from the Base to the tripod. You can wrap the set up in a bike lock for whole system security. None.
Camera SOLOSHOT3 comes with a compatible camera that clips on – no external wires, firmware or additional setup required. You need a compatible third-party Sony or Canon camera, special firmware for that camera, and external wires.
Tracking Can pan left-right and tilt up-down automatically. Also has robust multi-mode tracking settings: fastest, closest, button press and in the next update, group. Pan only.
Interface Touch screen interface complete with adjustable settings and step-by-step instructions. Only has buttons to pan, power on and off, and to zoom in or out.
Updates Over Wi-Fi, much like a smartphone. Via an external micoSD card process.

SOLOSHOT is an American startup (Move ‘N See is French). It was founded by a group of guys with a passion for surfing, which means that they ‘get’ action sports. It also means that the tag has to be water proof (which I learned yesterday when I pulled it out of my washing machine…whoops.)

Another feature that I really like, and that I think is vital for action sports like three day eventing, is the fact that you can pick up the base and move it to another location on the fly. It automatically recognizes the change in location, initiates a 30 second calibration process, and is ready to go again.

Lastly, an important feature that I plan to take more and more advantage of is the ability to live stream. I’ve played around with this a little bit, and plan to do a lot more in the coming year. To received a notification next time I go live, download the SOLOSHOT app for iOS or android, and follow me @WallaceEventing.



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Elisa Wallace

4 star event rider, mustang advocate, and YouTuber

One thought on “SOLOSHOT3 vs PIXIO Robot Camera Man

  1. I came across your videos whilst searching for Soloshot 3 information. I had a Sholoshot 2 but returned it as it didn’t perform! Still waiting for my Soloshot 3 and was heartened by how well your video showed it worked. I enjoyed your schooling video and the Dressage Test……nice to see a rider not working their horse BTV!! I have 5 horses similar to yours and when they get tense in the back I find the Effect d’Ensemble invaluable to restore “softness” and no one will have noticed I have done the “procedure” on the horse! Especially useful in a Dressage Test when they spook or go “hollow”!! You might know about it, but if not let me know ! Regards for the UK


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