Crickets are delicious

In this week’s vlog, I try a new kind of protein bar made from insects, and talk a little about my search for a working student. My new mustang, Ozzie, is eating grain, and I was able to hop on him for a ride. Progress on Sparks is taking longer than I would like, butContinue reading “Crickets are delicious”


This week I picked up a new mustang in training for Ginny Grigsby. Azogar (aka ‘Ozzie’) is a 9 year old from the Kiger HMA. Going from having his own band in Oregon to spending time developing a respectful relationship with a human is a major change. Ozzie is powerful and intelligent, so am takingContinue reading “Snowstangs”

American Ninja Warrior Training: Wild Mustang Edition

This week I took Sparks to the Bartow County Saddle Club to participate in an obstacle clinic organized by my good mustang trainer friends Stan Smith and Rebecca Bowman. I was delighted to spend some time with my friends Cavin Graham and Cindy Brasfield as well. I tried something a little new with the vlogContinue reading “American Ninja Warrior Training: Wild Mustang Edition”

Dancing with Sparks: Q&A, Desensitization, and First Ride

In the first of my Q&As, I answer the questions (1) how many horses do I have? and (2) how do I fit the right fit between horse and rider? I rode Sparks for the first time this week. There’s still a lot of ‘spark’ in him (you’ll see he kept me on my toes),Continue reading “Dancing with Sparks: Q&A, Desensitization, and First Ride”

A Rat ate my Christmas balls!

As I was preparing for Christmas last week, I made a terrible discovery: a rat ate the glass balls right off of my Christmas tree! In less weird and more interesting news, I continue to make great progress with my newest mustang Sparks through ground driving desensitization and confidence training. I received an amazing giftContinue reading “A Rat ate my Christmas balls!”

Spa Day for the Ponies

With visits from the vet, the chiropractor, and the massage therapist, this last week was basically one long spa day for the ponies. Fledge made an excellent all-terrain vehicle as we come to the rescue of a vet stuck in the mud, and I welcome a new mustang to the farm. Sparks has a lotContinue reading “Spa Day for the Ponies”

I lost a diamond!…and found another one in the rough

This diamond in the rough will hopefully be a girl’s best friend. In this episode, I introduce my new Retired Racehorse Project project, Henri, and talk a little about what I look for in a horse. After two years of wearing my diamond wedding band in the barn, I finally lost a stone. Lesson: theContinue reading “I lost a diamond!…and found another one in the rough”