Biscuits & Gravy

Ozzie sees lots of improvement as he finally begins to feel comfortable under saddle. A trip to Dover Saddlery to try on One K helmets and get a new hay bag for Johnny ends with the discovery of Southern Biscuits and Gravy potato chips, and an argument with my Canadian husband.

Say Cheese!

My OTTB Henri (aka Heron’s Waltz) learns a super fun new trick just before taking a field trip to Chattahoochee Hills for some show jumping practice. Raymond McCrea Jones visits the farm to take some amazing portrait of some of the horses, and Ozzie gets his teeth done, thanks to Dr. Nash.

Off The Hook Thoroughbreds

My new thoroughbreds are RIDICULOUS! We’ve had a great week of training, with lot of new experiences. Indy is starting to learn that not all ground is flat and that horses are actually all terrain vehicles. Henri has HUGE potential. As I encourage his sense of curiosity, his playful personality is really starting to shineContinue reading “Off The Hook Thoroughbreds”


A flashback to the 2016 Florida Extreme Mustang Makeover, where I supported all the excellent trainer including Stan Smith and Rebecca Bowman. It was a great weekend, during which I was also able to do a demo with Fledge and Rune. After celebrating my husband’s graduation with an Ph.D. from Emory University, I welcome aContinue reading “Indy”

A Very Expensive Helmet Cam Video

A little more about my dressage test, and thoughts on cross country at the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event. It’s interesting to hear the thoughts of my groom and father on my ‘process’ as I prepare for cross country day at this level of competition. Finally (there’s more to this story, which I will shareContinue reading “A Very Expensive Helmet Cam Video”

Rolling for Rolex

It’s been a hugely busy and productive week! Johnny did great in the Advance Combined Training division in Ocala last weekend, and our time with the O’Connors is really paying off on our road to Rolex. It was a lot of fun having the mustangs in Ocala as well, and giving my friends Katy LongContinue reading “Rolling for Rolex”

Lizards and love bugs

I spent the last week in Ocala, Florida training with the O’Connors and competing at the Ocala Horse Properties Int’l 3-Day Festival, where Johnny finished in 4th place in the Advanced CT division on his dressage score of 47.0. Feeling great going into Rolex! You guys seem to really like it when I talk aboutContinue reading “Lizards and love bugs”