A Very Expensive Helmet Cam Video

A little more about my dressage test, and thoughts on cross country at the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event. It’s interesting to hear the thoughts of my groom and father on my ‘process’ as I prepare for cross country day at this level of competition.

Finally (there’s more to this story, which I will share in a future vlog), but a lost hemet cam sends my husband on a mission down treacherous roads in bad weather. He got me the helmet cam but, unlike Johnny, his car ‘Klaus’ is not built for cross country.

NOTE: Apologies to my friend Leighton Mays, who’s name is mis-spelled in the video.


Rolling for Rolex

It’s been a hugely busy and productive week! Johnny did great in the Advance Combined Training division in Ocala last weekend, and our time with the O’Connors is really paying off on our road to Rolex. It was a lot of fun having the mustangs in Ocala as well, and giving my friends Katy Long and Daniela Moguel a chance to play with Rune and Fledge.

Kyle Carter and Buck Davidson said some really nice things about me and Johnny during a recent episode of “The sort of OK show about horses with Buck and Kyle.” I also take the opportunity to discuss how I have adjusted Johnny’s feeding routine in the weeks leading up to Rolex.

Lizards and love bugs

I spent the last week in Ocala, Florida training with the O’Connors and competing at the Ocala Horse Properties Int’l 3-Day Festival, where Johnny finished in 4th place in the Advanced CT division on his dressage score of 47.0. Feeling great going into Rolex!

You guys seem to really like it when I talk about some of the products I use on my horses. This week, I talk about U Shield, which I have found not only to make my horses’ tummies more comfortable, but to decrease anxiety as well.

Safety First

In this week’s vlog, I take Johnny for a gallop and explain a little about my thought process going into two weeks of pre-Rolex training in Florida with Karen and David O’Connor. Ozzie is learning quickly and overcoming the reactive side of his brain. It was a huge deal to see him finally learn not to run away and instead to catch me!

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about my safety equipment, and so I talk about my favorite body protector, the Racesafe Provent 3.0, and the Helite Air Shell. I also share a little trick for how to properly store your safety equipment.

I spent a lot of time this year testing our various types and configurations of safety equipment in order to make sure that I am not only protected, but also comfortable and have full range of motion. Thanks to my friends at Soteria Equestrian Safety, I have found what I think is a perfect combination.

I like vlogs

In this special mid-week vlog, I talk a little about my performance in dressage with Johnny and Hwin at the Red Hills International Horse Trials, and have a conversation with Jordan Culver from the Tallahassee Democrat. Angela Harrison gives Johnny a much-needed massage, and Pocket makes a new friend.

My own worst enemy

Special mid-week edition of my vlog From the Red Hills International Horse Trials in Tallahassee, Florida. Somehow, I managed to mangle my knee in my sleep. Fortunately, acupuncturist Diane Gold was on hand to provide me with some relief.

I love the Red Hills Horse Trials. It’s a family tradition. I’ve only missed two since it began. This year, I have taken Simply Priceless, Borneo Shady, and Hwin. It provides a great chance for me to spend time with my father, and to expose my horses to a large show atmosphere in advance of a big season ahead.