Badminton Horse Trials 2017: Return to the Wishing Tree

It brought luck to Johnny and me at Burghley last year.  We had to keep up the tradition and make another wish at the Avebury wishing tree before Badminton as well. This time I was joined by my friend and fellow Badminton rookie, Katherine Coleman, Caz Hewer, Rick Wallace, Briggs Surratt, and Timothy Harfield.

After a day off, Johnny and I did some light flatwork today. He feels great! We leave for Badminton first thing tomorrow morning.

#MMBHT #GoJohnnyGo

Burghley Wishing Tree

Without access to internet, I was unable to upload any vlogs while I was in England competing at Burghley. I have a lot of catching up to do.

In this episode, I visit the mysterious rocks of Avebury and make a wish at a wishing tree. Fellow eventer Katherine Coleman tells the story of her mutant French Bulldog ‘Buddy.’ Katherine’s groom, Caz Hewer, demonstrates how to create beautiful quarter marks.