Practical Joker

I this vlog, I talk through my second training session with Practical Joker (aka ‘PJ’), by Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover horse. I also make give an update about my Badminton travel plans and make a couple of pretty big announcements.

(P.S. Dod you notice PJ’s ‘tail extension’? I gave him a hay string prosthetic to help him with flies while his tail grows back in)

Go Johnny Go!

On Sunday I went down to North Atlanta Equestrian with Johnny (aka ‘Simply Priceless’) to do some gallop sets as part of our training for Badminton in a month. While there, I helped my friend Rebecca Bowman with some mustangs and took my new OTTB for a spin.

Practical Joker (aka ‘PJ’) is my new Retired Racehorse Thoroughbred Makeover horse. During his racehorse career, He raced 36 times and won over 87k at the track. His tail has been eaten off and he needs some groceries, but he’s a good mover and really fun to ride. I’m super excited about this horse and look forward to seeing how he develops in the coming months.