Simply Priceless

Quick Facts

Breed Australian Thoroughbred
Sex Gelding
Color Black
Markings Star
Height 16.3 hds
Birthdate 2001
Sire Waterford Road
Birthdate Faux Franc

Competition Highlights

  • Highest placed American (14th Place) and top ranked rookie at the 2016 Burghley International Horse Trials (CCI 4 Star)
  • 8th Place at the 2016 Rolex Kentucky International Horse Trials (CCI 4 Star)
  • Placed 29th out of 110 at the 2015 Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials (CCI 3 Star)
  • Highest placed Rookie (17th) at the 2015 Rolex Kentucky International Horse Trials (CCI 4 Star)
  • 8th place at the 2014 Bromont Three-Day Event (CCI 3 Star)
  • Top Placings in CIC 3 Star events including Richland, Red Hills, and Chattahoochee Hills.

Goals for 2016 – 2017

  • Consideration for 2016 Olympics
  • 2016 Rolex International Three-Day Event
  • 2016 Burghley Horse Trials (UK)
  • The 2016 Event at Rebecca Farm
  • 2017 Badminton Horse Trials (UK)
  • Other USA selected events (ex. FEI Nations Cup)

Our Story

Simply Priceless and I were partnered in 2013 and made our first FEI appearance in 2014. Our exciting partnership quickly caught the eyes of selectors. We were named to the 2015 National High Performance Training List, and were awarded a USEF Land Rover grant to represent the US in England at the 2015 Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials. My goals for Simply Priceless over the next four years include being considered for the Olympics, the FEI World Equestrian Games, the FEI Nation’s Cup, and the Pan American Games.

Owners The Simply Priceless Syndicate

Syndicate Details

Total Shares Available 10 2
Cost per Share $15,500
Cost per Share $4,300 ($350 / month


Email for more information about joining the Simply Priceless Syndicate.

Frequently Asked Questions

A syndicate allows a group of people to share in the ownership of a horse, as well as distribute annual maintenance costs, with the goal for supporting a horse and rider combination in international competition.

At the international level, most countries Team USA competes against have financial support from their governments. Individual professional riders from Europe and Great Britain do not have to finance their eventing careers alone. For example, in Great Britain, national lottery money is used to cover the majority of the costs associated with supporting a professional horse for a professional rider. This is not the case in the US.

In the US, professional riders receive modest support through donated funds to the USEF, USET Foundation and the United States Olympic Committee. These funds, however, do not even cover the total travel costs to international competitions, (let alone help with development and training). In short, there is not enough financial support to help our professional riders obtain and maintain high performance horses. As such, Team USA has fallen behind because our professional riders (both experienced and emerging) have no depth to their stables.

While our sport may not have the broad national popularity that it enjoys in Europe, Great Britain, and Australia—3-Day Eventing in the US has a tremendous grassroots following. This is apparent by the tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans that make an annual pilgrimage to Lexington to attend the Kentucky Rolex CCI****.  These fans are made up of volunteers, amateur riders, parents of riders, Pony Clubbers, veterinarians and horse lovers of all ages.

Syndicates allow US eventing fans to play a larger role in our sport. Instead of simply being spectators, we now have the opportunity to be very meaningful stakeholders in the future of individual riders, Team USA, and our sport.

Eventing is a unique sport that naturally creates a special connection between riders and owners at all levels of competition. It is truly amazing to participate in the process of competing at Rolex, or winning a medal at the Olympic Games, from the vantage point of an insider—being a member of a great team.

  • Tax deductions available through the American Horse Trials Foundation
  • Access to a behind the scenes experience of eventing at the highest levels
  • Regular updates—training progress, show schedules, and official rankings through leaderboard results—via social media, telephone, email, and newsletters.
  • Through the USEF, owners enjoy specific social gatherings and outings, coordinated international travel to events such as Burghley and Badminton, and tailored events such as private course-walks and team dinners.

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