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I get a lot of questions about the products that I use. Here’s a list of products that I use every day and recommend to everyone. In some cases I am sponsored by the product I recommend (I refuse to be sponsored a product that I wouldn’t use and recommend anyway). In other cases, I have provided an affiliate link that gives you a deal while also supporting the work I do as a horseman, athlete, and YouTuber. If you support what I do and like any of the products below, please purchase via the links provided.

Featured Products

Built Bar

Built Bars are next level. The perfect on the go snack for busy horse people. Guilt-free, 100% chocolate, high in protein, and sooo delicious. Click the link (​) and use the promo code ELISA20 to receive 20% off your next order.


I HATE sending out invoices. But you can’t really get paid without them. That’s why I LOVE FreshBooks. Super simple to use. Mobile first. And a great experience for my clients as well. Click the link to learn more and try it Free for 30 days.

Human Touch

Massage therapy is a an essential part of my recovery program, both for my horses and for myself. But I can’t see my massage therapist every day. That’s why I’ve been using my Human Touch Novo XT daily for the last year. Human Touch has an industry-leading massage chair to meet every need. Use coupon code EWALLACE45 at checkout to receive a FREE Warranty Upgrade on Novo XT, Novo XT2, or Super Novo chair models

Horse Health

Grow ‘N Win

Grow ‘N Win is great for a variety of horses. My easy keepers (like my mustangs) get Grow ‘N Win only. My high performance horses get Grow ‘N Win as a supplement for building and maintaining topline.

All BUCKEYE™ Nutrition products contain 100% pure, traceable ingredients that are equine-focused and made in a completely med-free facility.

Cadence Ultra

Cadence Ultra has a high fat and high protein content. A tailored blend of prebiotics and probiotics support healthy digestion. A controlled release of calm, cool energy is ideal for my high performance horses.

EQ8 Senior

Gut health is really important, especially for high performance horses. EQ8 Senior is also really helpful when managing horses sensitive to ulcers. Includes a tailored blend of prebiotics and probiotics to support overall gut health, and fat and fiber calorie sources to aid in supporting optimum gastric health.

Ultimate Finish 25

A Digestible high-fat supplement, containing 25% fat from flaxseed, rice bran and soybeans. Helps to promote a brilliant skin and coat condition. Nutritionally balanced in protein, minerals and vitamins to complement the total diet. Provides a slow, steady energy release from fat digestion to help reduce excitability

B Gone Whiteline Treatment

B Gone White Line Treatment is the only solution endorsed by professional farriers to stop white line disease (WLD) in its tracks. B Gone White Line Treatment is easy-to-use and effective because it’s applied directly to the infected hoof area using a convenient 60cc syringe. Its patent-pending blend of proprietary ingredients is the only product that halts equine white line disease, even on stubborn, long-term white line cases. It’s affordable and really works!

Coat Defense Daily Preventative Powder

COAT DEFENSE treats fungus and bacteria buildup, forming an effective barrier against skin and coat ailments, including Rain Rot, Cannon Crud, yeast infections, Sweet Itch and insect-related skin allergies.


Custom Advantage Monoflap

The Custom Advantage Mono is a mono flap saddle which gives you a real close contact feeling. The tree is designed to give the rider excellent support and has an open pommel, giving the horse ultimate freedom at the wither and shoulders.

Wolfgang Omni Monoflap

All over soft, supple combination of buffalo & buffalo type leathers giving an instant broken-in feeling.

Custom Monte Carlo Single Flap

All over soft calf skin with molded knee pads for greater positioning and closer contact with a uniquely designed tree to fit a broad range of horses.


ECOGOLD’s Calmatech™ Saddle Pad is made with Calmatech™ Medical Fleece which reduces friction and pressure at points of contact, improves air circulation and dissipates moisture away from the skin to alleviate discomfort and prevent irritation.

CALMATECH™ Dressage Saddle Pad

ECOGOLD’s Calmatech™ Saddle Pad is made with Calmatech™ Medical Fleece which reduces friction and pressure at points of contact, improves air circulation and dissipates moisture away from the skin to alleviate discomfort and prevent irritation.


The #1 saddle pad used by top event riders! Improve your safety and the protection of your horse with the Secure™ XC saddle pad. The choice of William Fox-Pitt, Phillip Dutton, Buck Davidson, Boyd Martin and many more to keep their saddle completely secure. No slipping, no sliding, even in the worst conditions!

Knotty Girlz Horse Rope Training Halter

I like rope halters, and I use a lot of them. This halter from Knotty Girlz checks all the boxes: nice thickness, nice stiffness, nice price.

Sealtex Race Bandage

I talked about this stuff in my video on bits. It’s great for horses like Johnny with sensitive mouths, and it’s permitted in competition as long as it’s smooth.

Barn & Stable

EspanaSilk & Elisa Wallace
Espana Silk Grooming Products

I love Espana Silk Grooming Products! All natural, moisturizing, and they smell AMAZING! I use all their products on my horses, my dogs, and even myself! Do what’s right for your horse, inside and out. Try Espana SILK today. You and your animals will be glad you did.

Visit and enter the promo code WallaceEventing at checkout to receive 10% off your order PLUS a FREE refillable, travel size, bottle ($4 value).

EZGrip Mat Mover

If you’ve ever had to move a stall mat, you’ll know how cumbersome it is. When cleaning out your trailer, or toting your own mats to horse shows, just hefting these suckers around can take a lot of unnecessary time and effort. The EZ Grip Mat Mover gives the the strength of a big dude, saving time…and your back. Buy two.


I always have these in my truck and in the barn. They are tough on dirt, and easy on your hands. They smell great, and they’re American made. Everybody needs a Tub O’ Towels!


I first discovered these when I was over in England, where they are used almost exclusively. They hold more water, and are set on ground level which is a more natural place for horses to drink from. Tubtrugs are a lot easier to carry than traditional water buckets. They are easy to pack, and really versatile (you can even use them as muck buckets in a pinch). I love my tubtrugs!

Loggerhead Tools Adjustable Bionic Wrench

Safety in the vet box is really important. Using this handy tool, you can easily add and remove multiple different stud types without having to fiddle around with your wrench to size and resize.


Equivisor Helmet Visor

As riders, we’re in the sun a lot and we need to take care of our skin. You might think that the little brim on your helmet is enough, but it’s not. I wear this every day, especially in the summer, to protect my skin and reduce squinting. Durable and can be worn on your helmet or by itself.

Romfh Sarafina Full Seat Breeches

These are the only breeches I wear. They are comfortable and they look great. What else is there to say?

Romfh Ladies Chill Factor Sun Shirt

I always try to cover as much of my skin as I can while riding, especially in sunny Florida. I also hate being hot. This shirt (which comes in many colors) is part of my uniform at shows and around the barn.

Rider Health and Fitness

Scivation Xtend BCAA Powder

As a rider, it can be hard to stay hydrated. My go-to used to be Pedialyte, but day to day or during competition the intensity of the work I do means that I need something to help with hydration, muscle repair, and recovery as well. This stuff works great, and tastes AMAZING.

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

I don’t like coffee. And I don’t like a lot of energy drinks. But sometimes I need a little boost, especially partway through the day. Just a scoop or two of this in a big jug of water keeps me hydrated and energized without making me feel like a maniac.


World-Class Grooming for Horses: The English Rider’s Complete Guide to Daily Care and Competition

This book can be a little hard to find, but it really is the best grooming ‘manual’ I’ve seen. I recommend it to (of buy it for) all my working students. (super handy for horse-show husbands / boyfriends / supporters as well).

The Dressage Chronicles

A novel by my good friend and dressage trainer Karen McGoldrick. A charming, funny, and super real glimpse into the English riding world.

In the Middle are the Horsemen

A very smart book by a talented horse trainer and friend. An inspiring story for anyone interested in a life and career in horses.

Video Equipment

Sony HDRCX405 HD Camcorder

This is the camcorder that I use to record all of my cross country videos. The zoom is incredible and the price really can’t be beat. I have two.


The stabilization on this thing is absolutely outstanding. Sound canceling is great for cross country recording as well as for day to day vlogging. As a 360 camera, there’s a of other fun stuff that you can do with this as well.

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