Former Iowa State Representative joins Simply Priceless Syndicate

When someone buys a horse, it is not typically big news. Horses are bought and sold everyday. But when the ‘someone’ is Steve and Vicki Sukup and the horse is Simply Priceless, then there is reason for real excitement.

Steve Sukup serves Sukup Manufacturing Co. as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Founded by Steve’s Father Eugene in 1962, the company has grown to become one of the largest employers in Iowa. Committed to community service, Steve spent 8 years as a representative in the Iowa Legislature. Steve and his wife Vicki have also been generous. Together with the rest of the Sukup family, they have made significant donations to Iowa State University, donates grain bins for use as shelters in Haiti, and to numerous other community groups and organizations like Humane Society of North Iowa.

And now, Vicki and Steve have bought themselves a horse. Or rather, they have bought a share of a horse, becoming the second member of the Simply Priceless Syndicate. With no other horses, and only the most limited of riding experience, what is it about Elisa Wallace and Simply Priceless that so captured the Sukup Family’s imagination that they wanted to offer their support? Vicki offered two reasons:

1. Excellence. “You can’t put a price on excellence,” Vicki said. Inspired by Elisa’s hard work and dedication to her craft, and also by Elisa’s commitment to developing her horses to achieve their utmost potential, Vicki and Steve wanted to provide encouragement and help to eliminate outside obstacles to Elisa’s success with Simply Priceless as they ramp up their international competitive efforts.

2. Family. In a call immediately following the Sukup’s offer of support, Vicki exclaimed, “You’re a member of our family now!” Family is clearly the driving motivator behind everything the Sukups do. They have a family-run business. They treat their employees like family. The Sukups don’t invest in things. They invest in people, and support the people they invest in as if they were members of their own family. They have invested in Elisa because she is someone they would have as a member of the family.

Elisa and Simply Priceless are currently being considered for the US Olympic Eventing Team. The highest ranked rookie at the Rolex Kentucky International Horse Trial in 2015, Elisa is gearing up to improve upon her result at this year’s elite event, while at the same time setting her sights on the Burghley Horse Trials in England in September. In Elisa’s own words,

I am thankful and delighted to count Vicki and Steve as such strong supporters of my dream to represent the USA in international competition. They feel like family, and I can’t wait to see them at events during the 2016 competition season.

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