When I was 18, I saved up all of my graduation money and bought Jackson as a yearling off of a video tape. My Mom and I drove to Kansas with a borrowed trailer and brought him home to my basement and back yard.

A year later I found a place I could work off board and the rest is history! I produced him up the levels. He won almost everything he did and even his first 4star. He retired due to an injury but has been happy and the best babysitter and mentor of Corture (Hottie), Cor de Cor (Oly) and Cor de Fe (Fey) when they were little babes.

His favorite girlfriend in the field is Ginger and hopefully next year we will have a baby for him to mentor again.

Love my Jack jack to the moon and back ❤️

Career Highlights

  • WINNER (CIC 3* | 2006 Maui Jim Horse Trials)


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