North Atlanta Equestrian

Practical Joker, Corteo, Riot Gear, and Rune got some great experience at North Atlanta Equestrian in Cartersville, GA over the weekend.

A RIOT BROKE OUT!…and that’s not a practical joke

I take two new horses to Big Bear Farm to stretch their cross country legs. Practical Joker (aka ‘PJ’) is my Retired Racehorse Project horse. This was my third ride on him, and only his second time jumping. After he gained a little confidence, you can see he really started to enjoy himself. Riot GearContinue reading “A RIOT BROKE OUT!…and that’s not a practical joke”

Badminton Horse Trials 2017: Return to the Wishing Tree

It brought luck to Johnny and me at Burghley last year. ¬†We had to keep up the tradition and make another wish at the Avebury wishing tree before Badminton as well. This time I was joined by my friend and fellow Badminton rookie, Katherine Coleman, Caz Hewer, Rick Wallace, Briggs Surratt, and Timothy Harfield. AfterContinue reading “Badminton Horse Trials 2017: Return to the Wishing Tree”

It Starts! And it takes teamwork

It’s really to think of Johnny and me, not just as a team, but as the team. After all, it’s our names on the registration list for Badminton, and it’s our names that end up making it into news stories. But the team is bigger than me and Johnny. MUCH bigger. In this vlog, IContinue reading “It Starts! And it takes teamwork”

Practical Joker

I this vlog, I talk through my second training session with Practical Joker (aka ‘PJ’), by Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover horse. I also make give an update about my Badminton travel plans and make a couple of pretty big announcements. (P.S. Dod you notice PJ’s ‘tail extension’? I gave him a hay string prostheticContinue reading “Practical Joker”