Johnny’s Retirement

He was the horse that gave me wings. No jump was too big for him. H e made cottsmore leap feel like a novice fence. He was a machine. He would fight to get inside the flags for me. Truly an amazing horse. The best cross country horse I have ever ridden

Creating a show schedule for my horses

Start with your goals for your horses and work backwards, remembering that, although winning is nice, the early part of your season is about training and conditioning. The schedule you make at the start of the year is important as a plan A, but plan to be flexible and have back up plans in place…because horses. Always remember that your number one goal is not to win (although that’s nice), but to succeed, and to succeed means always doing what’s right for your horse.

My Co-Dependent Relationship with Horses: Looking Back, and Looking Ahead

What a lot of people don’t know about equestrians is that we can struggle with depression, especially during the winter months. Let’s be honest. To have a career in horses means you have to be a little crazy. We sign up to have our hearts broken. We work incredibly hard to make little to noContinue reading “My Co-Dependent Relationship with Horses: Looking Back, and Looking Ahead”

Building trust and working on transitions

Feeling a little under the weather this week, but wanted to get a video out before heading to the Rocking Horse Stables Winter II Horse Trials, which is a great event, but in a location where cell service is a major challenge. This week, I continued to make great progress doing bareback and bridleless workContinue reading “Building trust and working on transitions”

Slate and Sharpie go to School

This week I took my two off the track thoroughbreds, Slate and Sharpie (owned by Michelle Chisholm), to the Georgia International Horse Park for a schooling show hosted by Brookwood Sport Horses. These shows are great for introducing young horses to an atmosphere and gaining experience in the ring. Slate raced 42 times under theContinue reading “Slate and Sharpie go to School”