New Beginnings and Tearful Goodbyes

Ozzie ‘graduates’ and is sent home to his owner, Ginny Grigsby. I buy a new horse, an off the track thoroughbred named First Chant, whom I call Joey. Henri finally learns how to sit.

This is probably the mot difficult video I’ve had to make, and is dedicated to my nana Frank Drummond Youngblood, who recently passed away.

Haulin’ Ass

Ozzie learns how to sit, and I help my friend Kristy Stengard pick out and pick up a wild burro from the BLM. While at the satellite adoption, a phone call to Cindy Brasfield helps us to pick the right one. In the end, we actually ended up coming home with two, since Mary Miller-Jordan wanted one as well. During a pit stop at Dairy Queen, I turn the tables on my husband and put him in from the the camera so that he can experience just how weird this can be sometimes.

Keep Moving Forward

Looking forward to competing at Burghley in September! I’m fundraising to make this a reality. In addition to a GoFundMe campaign, I’ll also me auctioning off the saddle that I used during my very first Rolex! Follow me on Facebook ( for more information and to place your bid!

Ozzie goes on his first field trip, and takes on the obstacle course at North Atlanta Equestrian like a champ! Henri is a young horse who wants to rush through everything and makes things more complicated than he has to.

Stranger danger

You can really see in this week’s vlog how much progress a horse can make in a very short period of time. I get my third ride on Henri, a 6 year old off the track thoroughbred, and my team-mate in the upcoming Retired Racehorse Project competition. He moves really well, and took to jumping really well the first time I ask it of him.

Ozzie is still very aware of his environment, but his trust in me and in his new home has made him far more adaptable to strange things, and strange humans, entering his space. He’s learning that humans (or at least my humans) aren’t so bad.

Special guest appearance in this week’s episode from my brother, Braden Wallace, who braved the frigid temperatures to hang out and do some repairs around the property.

Crickets are delicious

In this week’s vlog, I try a new kind of protein bar made from insects, and talk a little about my search for a working student. My new mustang, Ozzie, is eating grain, and I was able to hop on him for a ride. Progress on Sparks is taking longer than I would like, but my experience with him has underscored the importance of having patience and connecting with your horse on a timeline that is right for them.