Building trust and working on transitions

Feeling a little under the weather this week, but wanted to get a video out before heading to the Rocking Horse Stables Winter II Horse Trials, which is a great event, but in a location where cell service is a major challenge.

This week, I continued to make great progress doing bareback and bridleless work with Sharpie.  It’s very important to begin every session with some stretching.  Not only is it a good warm up before engaging in physical activity, but its a good for building mutual trust and forming a strong bond with your horse.

This was only Sharpie’s 4th bridleless ride, so I want it to be really relaxing as we continue to build our relationship, at the same time as we focus on learning basic cues and transitions.


Slate and Sharpie go to School

This week I took my two off the track thoroughbreds, Slate and Sharpie (owned by Michelle Chisholm), to the Georgia International Horse Park for a schooling show hosted by Brookwood Sport Horses. These shows are great for introducing young horses to an atmosphere and gaining experience in the ring.

Slate raced 42 times under the Jockey Club name of Run Slado run. This outing was encouraging because he is getting more confident and handled the experience like a champ. He surprised me with how far he had come since we first started working on his confidence on cross country back in November.

Every day I am more and more impressed with Sharpie, a classy war horse who raced 61 times under the name of Sharp Johnny. He took the experience in stride and performed well. He reminds me a little bit of Johnny. While he is a sensitive horse, he tries really hard.

I’m excited about the future with these young horses, and having a lot of fun being a part of their journey.

Games to engage your horse’s curiosity

It continues to be really cold here, which means I need to use my imagination to find things for my horses to to do. Engaging curiosity through games in which your horse is likely to succeed is a great way to introduce new behaviors.

In this vlog, I show how I teach young horses like Sniper (aka Reloaded) to spanish walk using a step block.

I also got some new toys to play with, to expose my horses to new sounds and colors.

This year I plan to make my arena different every day, as a way of building confidence and preparing my horses for changing environments. Sniper in particular can get really distracted, so using these new objects to play games was really helpful in getting him to focus. Pressure and release combined with positive reinforcement is the number one strategy I use in this kind of training.

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