Where’s Fledge?

I’m really happy to formally introduce you all to my new Retired Racehorse Project horses, Vinny (owned by Leigh Ann and Mary Alex Bacchus) and Fly with Me aka Lear (owned by Michelle and Maddie Chisholm). I also often get asked about Fledge. Here’s an update.


A flashback to the 2016 Florida Extreme Mustang Makeover, where I supported all the excellent trainer including Stan Smith and Rebecca Bowman. It was a great weekend, during which I was also able to do a demo with Fledge and Rune. After celebrating my husband’s graduation with an Ph.D. from Emory University, I welcome aContinue reading “Indy”

Rolling for Rolex

It’s been a hugely busy and productive week! Johnny did great in the Advance Combined Training division in Ocala last weekend, and our time with the O’Connors is really paying off on our road to Rolex. It was a lot of fun having the mustangs in Ocala as well, and giving my friends Katy LongContinue reading “Rolling for Rolex”

Spa Day for the Ponies

With visits from the vet, the chiropractor, and the massage therapist, this last week was basically one long spa day for the ponies. Fledge made an excellent all-terrain vehicle as we come to the rescue of a vet stuck in the mud, and I welcome a new mustang to the farm. Sparks has a lotContinue reading “Spa Day for the Ponies”