A Horse Named Seven

My OTTB Henri (aka ‘Heron’s Waltz’) and I practice our liberty work and Corteo tries to get over his fear of cows.  A rainy day meant a day at Rolling Ridge Farm in Tunnel Hill, GA where I was able to work Indy, Henri, and a new horse named ‘Seven.’  I’m really proud of IndyContinue reading “A Horse Named Seven”

Stranger danger

You can really see in this week’s vlog how much progress a horse can make in a very short period of time. I get my third ride on Henri, a 6 year old off the track thoroughbred, and my team-mate in the upcoming Retired Racehorse Project competition. He moves really well, and took to jumpingContinue reading “Stranger danger”

I lost a diamond!…and found another one in the rough

This diamond in the rough will hopefully be a girl’s best friend. In this episode, I introduce my new Retired Racehorse Project project, Henri, and talk a little about what I look for in a horse. After two years of wearing my diamond wedding band in the barn, I finally lost a stone. Lesson: theContinue reading “I lost a diamond!…and found another one in the rough”