He’s back!

The Rocking Horse Winter II horse trials were great experience for Indy and Emit. for Indy, it was his first competition at the Training level. For my big banana boat Emit, this was his first recognized show ever! I was so proud of him as he maintained his composure and stayed in the ring even when confronted by a scary napkin. He nickered the whole way through his Novice dressage test, which couldn’t help but make me smile.

Simply Priceless (aka Johnny) and Hwin also made it to Rocking Horse this last time around. I’m focussing of show jumping with Johnny as we prepare for Badminton at the beginning of May. This is Hwin’s last competition until the fall, and I was really with her performance.

I’m incredibly excited to have Corteo (aka Tate) back in work and ready to compete after two years of rehab. He’s healthy, fit, and ready to take the world of eventing by storm.


I like vlogs

In this special mid-week vlog, I talk a little about my performance in dressage with Johnny and Hwin at the Red Hills International Horse Trials, and have a conversation with Jordan Culver from the Tallahassee Democrat. Angela Harrison gives Johnny a much-needed massage, and Pocket makes a new friend.

My own worst enemy

Special mid-week edition of my vlog From the Red Hills International Horse Trials in Tallahassee, Florida. Somehow, I managed to mangle my knee in my sleep. Fortunately, acupuncturist Diane Gold was on hand to provide me with some relief.

I love the Red Hills Horse Trials. It’s a family tradition. I’ve only missed two since it began. This year, I have taken Simply Priceless, Borneo Shady, and Hwin. It provides a great chance for me to spend time with my father, and to expose my horses to a large show atmosphere in advance of a big season ahead.

Bad Mare Day

In spite of the fact that I felt wretched over the weekend, the ponies put in a really great showing at the 2016 Rocking Horse Winter II Horse Trials in Altoona, FL over the weekend. Johnny (aka Simply Priceless) put in a very strong performance, finishing on his dressage score to end up in 4th place in Advanced. Di Stebbins’s Borneo Shady finished 9th in Open Intermediate, after overcoming his arch nemesis in show jumping: the liver pool.

I did have mare problems, though. As you will see in this week’s vlog. It was Hwin’s first prelim. I think that the saddle was bothering her a little bit, and explains why she was uncharacteristically ‘expressive’ in dressage. In spite rearing several times, though, Hwin still scored a 40.9, which is what she finished on to earn a sixth place ribbon in her division.

It was a big day for Ellie Price’s Arlequin. It was a first horse show for this young mustang, and he handled it like a champ! Wiggly and distracted, there was a lot to take in, and I’m so proud of how well he handled the strange environment, away from home.

My Broken Foot

Hwin (aka ‘Sassy Britches’) completed her first training-level event at the Florida Horse Park in Ocala, Florida. She did great, especially considering that she had not competed since July. I’m really excited about this horse, and have my eyes set of doing prelim, and maybe even doing a one star with her some time in 2016.

I finally got the results back from my MRI. My foot is ACTUALLY broken, but life on the farm must go one.

Want to know how you can tell if your horse has stopped growing, and how to estimate how tall they are likely to become? Corteo (aka Tata aka Potato) help be to demonstrate the ‘rope test.’