Working it out

I had an awesome day today! Thank you for the support of my team, and for Karen O’Connor’s guidance going into a very successful dressage phase. Thank you for all of the kind words that my husband collected from people throughout the day.

I like vlogs

In this special mid-week vlog, I talk a little about my performance in dressage with Johnny and Hwin at the Red Hills International Horse Trials, and have a conversation with Jordan Culver from the Tallahassee Democrat. Angela Harrison gives Johnny a much-needed massage, and Pocket makes a new friend.

Spa Day for the Ponies

With visits from the vet, the chiropractor, and the massage therapist, this last week was basically one long spa day for the ponies. Fledge made an excellent all-terrain vehicle as we come to the rescue of a vet stuck in the mud, and I welcome a new mustang to the farm. Sparks has a lotContinue reading “Spa Day for the Ponies”