This week I picked up a new mustang in training for Ginny Grigsby. Azogar (aka ‘Ozzie’) is a 9 year old from the Kiger HMA. Going from having his own band in Oregon to spending time developing a respectful relationship with a human is a major change. Ozzie is powerful and intelligent, so am taking things slow. By the end of the first day, however, I was able to touch his face, fix his halter, and feed him alfalfa by hand.

Sparks, of course, continues to make great progress. The sudden snowy weather made working the ponies difficult (I almost didn’t make it up my driveway when I returned from Florida after picking up Ozzie), but we made the most of it. Once the snow began to melt, I went down to North Atlanta Equestrian where I had some help from Stan Smith, who ponied Sparks for a while in a round pen, and then in an open arena. This has been a valuable exercise for working on Sparks’ bolting problem, and I am very fortunate to have the help of an excellent trainer like Stan.

American Ninja Warrior Training: Wild Mustang Edition

This week I took Sparks to the Bartow County Saddle Club to participate in an obstacle clinic organized by my good mustang trainer friends Stan Smith and Rebecca Bowman. I was delighted to spend some time with my friends Cavin Graham and Cindy Brasfield as well. I tried something a little new with the vlog this week, providing extensive commentary on my training process throughout the day. I hope it is interesting, enjoyable, and maybe even a little helpful.