Johnny’s Retirement

He was an underdog. He was often doubted. Johnny always came through.

He took me over the biggest tracks in the world, attending FIVE 5⭐️s. We finished 8th at Kentucky, 14th at Burghley, and we made the Alternate list for the Rio Olympics.

He was the horse that gave me wings. No jump was too big for him. H e made cottsmore leap feel like a novice fence. He was a machine. He would fight to get inside the flags for me. Truly an amazing horse. The best cross country horse I have ever ridden.

Johnny’s antics about how stupid dressage was always made me laugh and I learned to not sweat the small stuff. Our placings at a regular horse trials really didn’t matter because he only thought championships were worthy. He did humor me with one of our best tests at Burghley.

So many rides of a lifetime with him. I always loved hearing people cheer for him because he deserved it.

He’s a quirky horse who is demanding of his humans. He’s tough as nails and defies science sometimes. He’s a horse with the biggest heart and would never tell me no. He is 20 this year and as wild a man as he ever was.

So now it’s my turn to give back to my best friend and give him his best retirement … and all the cookies he wants.

A big thank you to his syndicate, which has been so supportive of us through the years. Steve & Vicki Sukup, Susan Day, Kim & Larry Loveless, and Rick Wallace.


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