Creating a show schedule for my horses

Start with your goals for your horses and work backwards, remembering that, although winning is nice, the early part of your season is about training and conditioning. The schedule you make at the start of the year is important as a plan A, but plan to be flexible and have back up plans in place…because horses. Always remember that your number one goal is not to win (although that’s nice), but to succeed, and to succeed means always doing what’s right for your horse.

My Co-Dependent Relationship with Horses: Looking Back, and Looking Ahead

What a lot of people don’t know about equestrians is that we can struggle with depression, especially during the winter months. Let’s be honest. To have a career in horses means you have to be a little crazy. We sign up to have our hearts broken. We work incredibly hard to make little to noContinue reading “My Co-Dependent Relationship with Horses: Looking Back, and Looking Ahead”