Pillow Talk

Indy (aka Indiana Chrome) and Henri (aka Heron’s Waltz) compete at the Rocking Horse Fall Horse Trials in Altoona, FL. Bright Water (aka ‘Teddy’) gets worked. I continue my quest to improve my sleep with a search for the perfect pillow.

Retired Racehorse Project Blow Out

Henri earns second place in the eventing division at the Thoroughbred Makeover and is rewarded with his favorite feed from Buckeye Nutrition. I try on some new safety equipment (‘shoulder bras’) thanks to my friends at Soteria Equestrian Safety. I blow a trailer tire an hour away from home.

It was disgusting

Indy is going to be quite a nice horse for the future, and I’m excited to see how he progresses. Joey gets a flashlight. Timothy and I celebrate our anniversary by visiting the World of Coca-Cola and eating at Gunshow, an Atlanta restaurant recently opened by Kevin Gillespie of Top Chef fame. Guest appearances byContinue reading “It was disgusting”

New Beginnings and Tearful Goodbyes

Ozzie ‘graduates’ and is sent home to his owner, Ginny Grigsby. I buy a new horse, an off the track thoroughbred named First Chant, whom I call Joey. Henri finally learns how to sit. This is probably the mot difficult video I’ve had to make, and is dedicated to my nana Frank Drummond Youngblood, whoContinue reading “New Beginnings and Tearful Goodbyes”

Haulin’ Ass

Ozzie learns how to sit, and I help my friend Kristy Stengard pick out and pick up a wild burro from the BLM. While at the satellite adoption, a phone call to Cindy Brasfield helps us to pick the right one. In the end, we actually ended up coming home with two, since Mary Miller-JordanContinue reading “Haulin’ Ass”

Coming Home

Johnny’s feeling great after Burghley, and incredibly excited and happy to be back on American soil. As I unpacked some of my goodies from the event, I found something very special. Thanks go to the Simply Priceless Syndicate (Susan Day, Vicki & Steve Sukup, and Kimberly & Larry Loveless) for making it possible to continueContinue reading “Coming Home”

Next Stop: Badminton

Final jog and show jumping day at the 2016 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials. The pressure was on as Johnny and I prepared for what would turn out to be a 14th place finish: top-ranked American rider, and top-ranked ‘Burghley Rookie.’ What’s next? Johnny will get some time off as I focus on my otherContinue reading “Next Stop: Badminton”

Their stomachs were in their throats

Johnny changes his shoes in preparation for cross country, thanks to expert farriers Stephen Hill and Robert Shave. On cross country day, everyone’s stomachs were in their throats. A special thanks to Burghley.tv,the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials, and Samantha Clark from Eventing Nation for some of the footage and interview audio used in thisContinue reading “Their stomachs were in their throats”