Welcome to Burghley

Off to the Burghley Horse Trials, and tricking my brain into thinking that it’s no big deal. “It’s not Burghley. It’s ‘Bergley.’ I’ll do Burghley next year” 😉 A course walk with David O’Connor, Phillip Dutton, and Holly Payne. A successful jog. And a late-night ‘flasher.’

Burghley Wishing Tree

Without access to internet, I was unable to upload any vlogs while I was in England competing at Burghley. I have a lot of catching up to do. In this episode, I visit the mysterious rocks of Avebury and make a wish at a wishing tree. Fellow eventer Katherine Coleman tells the story of herContinue reading “Burghley Wishing Tree”

Bring on Burghley

I’ve been in England for a while now, and Johnny is settling in really well. Enjoying my time with fellow eventer Katherine Coleman, her groom Caz, and her dog Buddy. I was recently joined by my husband Timothy and my groom Loreen Kay. We’re having lots of fun at the same time as I focusContinue reading “Bring on Burghley”

Preparing for Burghley

This short vlog is from High Acre Farm in The Plains, Virginia where I trained with Johnny last week before Millbrook and in preparation for Burghley in a few weeks. Support for my trip has been amazing! Thank you to all my fans and supporters for giving generously of what you have in order toContinue reading “Preparing for Burghley”

Keep Moving Forward

Looking forward to competing at Burghley in September! I’m fundraising to make this a reality. In addition to a GoFundMe campaign, I’ll also me auctioning off the saddle that I used during my very first Rolex! Follow me on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/WallaceEventing) for more information and to place your bid! Ozzie goes on his first fieldContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward”

How to pack ice boots like a champ

A quick pit stop back at the farm and then back to Virginia to train in advance of Great Meadows later this week. I was super excited to see that my new One K helmets had arrived, as well as my new barn shoes! Johnny is doing great! Totally spoiled, and he pulled a shoeContinue reading “How to pack ice boots like a champ”