Playing Nice in the Sandbox at Red Hills

My vlog this week is a little longer than usual, but I wanted to talk through the rides of each of my horses: Simply Priceless in the CIC 3 Star division and Riot Gear in the CIC 2 Star.

Ten Top Videos from 2017 You May Have Missed

In 2017, I uploaded more than 100 videos that add up to over 1,500 minutes of content. That’s a lot. Looking back over the past year, its fun to see which videos earned the most attention. Check out my top ten most-watched videos of 2017. Any surprises? Do you have a video that didn’t makeContinue reading “Ten Top Videos from 2017 You May Have Missed”

A RIOT BROKE OUT!…and that’s not a practical joke

I take two new horses to Big Bear Farm to stretch their cross country legs. Practical Joker (aka ‘PJ’) is my Retired Racehorse Project horse. This was my third ride on him, and only his second time jumping. After he gained a little confidence, you can see he really started to enjoy himself. Riot GearContinue reading “A RIOT BROKE OUT!…and that’s not a practical joke”