Playing Nice in the Sandbox at Red Hills

My vlog this week is a little longer than usual, but I wanted to talk through the rides of each of my horses: Simply Priceless in the CIC 3 Star division and Riot Gear in the CIC 2 Star.

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Ten Top Videos from 2017 You May Have Missed

In 2017, I uploaded more than 100 videos that add up to over 1,500 minutes of content. That’s a lot. Looking back over the past year, its fun to see which videos earned the most attention. Check out my top ten most-watched videos of 2017. Any surprises? Do you have a video that didn’t make the list? Let me know in the comments below. Continue reading “Ten Top Videos from 2017 You May Have Missed”

Don’t Let This Feeling Fade

This has been an amazing year to say the least with this amazing horse. Finishing 8th at Rolex Kentucky CCI****, becoming an Alternate for the 2016 Rio Olympics, and placing 14th and top American at our very first Burghley CCI****. A big thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way, especially my syndicate owners : Vicki Larson Sukup and Steve Sukup, Kal Loveless, and Susan Day and Jonathan Easterling. This would not be possible with out you all. My sponsors: Buckey Nutrition, Soteria Equestrian Safety, One K Helmets, Ecogold Equestrian Textile Engineering, Choice of Champions, Custom Saddlery, Treadstep Ireland, Rose Equestrian, Giddy Up Gear, Equiflexsleeve, VeruGreen Naturals, Rather Be Riding Photography, Horses ‘n’ Motion, Amanda Moretz Bodyworks, Holly Breaux Chiropractic, my vets Dr. Nash, my farrier Chase New, and everyone who has donated to help me fulfill my dreams.

I’m so thankful especially for my pillars of support: Timothy Harfield, Rick Wallace, Karen O’Connor, Rosemarie Spillane, Loreen Kay, Aly Rattazzi, Calandra Coon, Laura Youngblood Carithers, Braden Wallace, Rebecca Bowman, and Kathy Quinn Clark. I can not really put into words how much Johnny means to me, he truly is SIMPLY PRICELESS. And in making this video I was inspired by the passion of the sport of Eventing, the love of an incredible horse, and the amazing community that supports me! Johnny and I have attained some of my biggest dreams this year and with many more to come, I’m really excited for 2017!

Gin Lot Farms Joins Simply Priceless Syndicate

We are tremendously excited to announce that Kimberly and Larry Loveless have joined the Wallace Eventing family as the latest members of the Simply Priceless Syndicate! Kimberly and Larry co-own and operate Gin Lot Farms, which specializes in gentling and training Mustangs.

“Both of us are very pleased to become members of the Simply Priceless Syndicate. We are excited about Elisa and Johnny’s future and are grateful that we are in a position to be part of her team.”

Since we first syndicated Simply Priceless (aka Johnny) at the beginning of 2016, he has continued to prove himself as an event horse of the highest calibre. He and Elisa Wallace came in 8th at the 2016 Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event, were named as an alternate for the 2016 US Olympic team, and have earned a prestigious spot on the USEF National High Performance Training List. The pair is currently in England preparing to tackle what is widely recognized as the most challenging three day event world-wide: the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials. Johnny continues to improve his scores with each event. We expect Johnny to continue to excel as we look ahead to the World Equestrian Games in 2018, and the Tokyo Sumer Olympics in 2020.

Kimberly and Larry Loveless join Steve & Vicki Sukup, Susan Day, and Rick Wallace as owners. Only two more shares remain in the Simply Priceless Syndicate. For more information about how you can join the Wallace Eventing family as an owner, contact us at


Former Iowa State Representative joins Simply Priceless Syndicate

When someone buys a horse, it is not typically big news. Horses are bought and sold everyday. But when the ‘someone’ is Steve and Vicki Sukup and the horse is Simply Priceless, then there is reason for real excitement.

Steve Sukup serves Sukup Manufacturing Co. as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. Founded by Steve’s Father Eugene in 1962, the company has grown to become one of the largest employers in Iowa. Committed to community service, Steve spent 8 years as a representative in the Iowa Legislature. Steve and his wife Vicki have also been generous. Together with the rest of the Sukup family, they have made significant donations to Iowa State University, donates grain bins for use as shelters in Haiti, and to numerous other community groups and organizations like Humane Society of North Iowa.

And now, Vicki and Steve have bought themselves a horse. Or rather, they have bought a share of a horse, becoming the second member of the Simply Priceless Syndicate. With no other horses, and only the most limited of riding experience, what is it about Elisa Wallace and Simply Priceless that so captured the Sukup Family’s imagination that they wanted to offer their support? Vicki offered two reasons:

1. Excellence. “You can’t put a price on excellence,” Vicki said. Inspired by Elisa’s hard work and dedication to her craft, and also by Elisa’s commitment to developing her horses to achieve their utmost potential, Vicki and Steve wanted to provide encouragement and help to eliminate outside obstacles to Elisa’s success with Simply Priceless as they ramp up their international competitive efforts.

2. Family. In a call immediately following the Sukup’s offer of support, Vicki exclaimed, “You’re a member of our family now!” Family is clearly the driving motivator behind everything the Sukups do. They have a family-run business. They treat their employees like family. The Sukups don’t invest in things. They invest in people, and support the people they invest in as if they were members of their own family. They have invested in Elisa because she is someone they would have as a member of the family.

Elisa and Simply Priceless are currently being considered for the US Olympic Eventing Team. The highest ranked rookie at the Rolex Kentucky International Horse Trial in 2015, Elisa is gearing up to improve upon her result at this year’s elite event, while at the same time setting her sights on the Burghley Horse Trials in England in September. In Elisa’s own words,

I am thankful and delighted to count Vicki and Steve as such strong supporters of my dream to represent the USA in international competition. They feel like family, and I can’t wait to see them at events during the 2016 competition season.

What makes an owner tick? – Susan Day and the Simply Priceless Syndicate

Too often it is the horse and rider that get all the attention. It is true that there would be no equestrian sport without equestrians, but it is equally true that competition at the highest level would be all but impossible were it not for owners. But what makes owners tick? What’s in it for them?

January of this year marked the beginning of a new chapter for Simply Priceless and Elisa Wallace. The Simply Priceless Syndicate is a way for Elisa to be assured of maintaining her ride on Simply Priceless at the highest levels, while at the same time creating an opportunity for people to become owners at a significantly reduced rate. To date, she has sold two of the ten available shares, and she is looking to sell the remaining shares by the end of 2016.

Susan Day was the first member of the Simply Priceless Syndicate. A long-time supporter of equestrian sport, Susan began riding at an early age, but her early equestrian education was inconsistent. It wasn’t until she left for college, during which time she was able to take up riding as a way of earning physical education credit, that her riding found focus. She looks back on this time as formative, since it was the first time she was required to seriously think and reflect about her riding.

Susan received her first horse as a present for her 25th birthday. At the time, she focused mostly on jumping. For a time, she tried some low-level eventing, but cross country was not really her thing. Even now, she likes to watch it, but only after she knows that horse and rider have finished safely. As a rider, Susan’s passion has turned to dressage. As a spectator, Susan is drawn to excellence regardless of discipline. As an educator, Susan is drawn to riders who have committed themselves thoughtfully and reflectively to developing their craft.

In her day job, Susan works with K-12 students with learning disabilities. Her experience with horses has had a huge impact on the approach she takes with her students. “A horse doesn’t wake up in the morning thinking it is going to be a jerk. It’s the same way with people.” In Susan’s view, it is far too easy to judge humans and animals on the basis of their negative behavior. If you take the time to understand the causes of that behavior, then you can work together to overcome it.

What drew Susan to Elisa, was not just Elisa’s commitment to excellence in three day eventing, and earnest desire to represent the USA in international competition, but also Elisa’s advocacy in support of American mustangs.

“Over the years, I have watched Elisa in her work as an eventer, and with mustangs. I am amazed by what this local horse woman is doing, and I really want to support someone like that. I wish that I could sponsor her on my own. The Simply Priceless Syndicate has given me the chance to support Elisa’s work in a meaningful and significant way.”

Elisa’s work with her mustangs speaks to Susan’s passion for education and personal commitment to serving students with misunderstood gifts and abilities. Just as Susan works to help students to overcome barriers and develop their potential, so too does Elisa work with mustangs (as well as off the track thoroughbreds and other ‘diamonds in the rough’) to cultivate capabilities that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to express.

Susan has always been generous, but this is the first time she has done anything in a formal way. “It’s nice to be a part of a winning team, but it’s not just about that,” says Susan. “I see in Elisa a self-made woman who has worked very hard to get where she is. I want to support someone like Elisa who has not had the benefit of a wealthy patron.”

Susan is looking forward to making it out to major events, like the Rolex International Horse Trials, to see Elisa compete in person. When doing so is not possible, Susan is thankful for the work that Elisa puts into producing high quality competition footage, in addition to weekly ‘vlogs’ and engaging social media, which make her feel like she is always a part of the action.

Are you interested in learning more about the Simply Priceless Syndicate? Send an email for more information.

Originally published to Eventing Connect