Bad Mare Day

In spite of the fact that I felt wretched over the weekend, the ponies put in a really great showing at the 2016 Rocking Horse Winter II Horse Trials in Altoona, FL over the weekend. Johnny (aka Simply Priceless) put in a very strong performance, finishing on his dressage score to end up in 4th place in Advanced. Di Stebbins’s Borneo Shady finished 9th in Open Intermediate, after overcoming his arch nemesis in show jumping: the liver pool.

I did have mare problems, though. As you will see in this week’s vlog. It was Hwin’s first prelim. I think that the saddle was bothering her a little bit, and explains why she was uncharacteristically ‘expressive’ in dressage. In spite rearing several times, though, Hwin still scored a 40.9, which is what she finished on to earn a sixth place ribbon in her division.

It was a big day for Ellie Price’s Arlequin. It was a first horse show for this young mustang, and he handled it like a champ! Wiggly and distracted, there was a lot to take in, and I’m so proud of how well he handled the strange environment, away from home.

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