Ten gadgets that made life in the barn easier in 2017

From time to time I come across a nifty tool that makes my life with horses, in the barn, and in competition A LOT easier.  Here are ten of my favorites from 2017.

Loggerhead Tools Bionic Wrench

BionicWrenchSafety in the vet box is really important. Using this handy tool, you can easily add and remove multiple different stud types without having to fiddle around with your wrench to size and resize.

EZGrip Mat Mover

EZGripMatMoverIf you’ve ever had to move a stall mat, you’ll know how cumbersome it is. When cleaning out your trailer, or toting your own mats to horse shows, just hefting these suckers around can take a lot of unnecessary time and effort. The EZ Grip Mat Mover gives the the strength of a big dude, saving time…and your back.

Tub O’ Towels

TubOTowelsI always have these in my truck and in the barn. They are tough on dirt, and easy on your hands. They smell great, and they’re American made. Everybody needs a Tub O’ Towels!

Sealtex Bit Wrap Latex Bandage

SealtexLatexBandageI talked about this stuff in my vlog on bits. It’s great for horses like Johnny with sensitive mouths, and it’s permitted in competition s long as it is smooth.

Intrepid International Equivisor

EquivisorAs riders, we’re in the sun a lot and we need to take care of our skin. You might think that the little brim on your helmet is enough, but it’s not. I wear this every day, especially in the summer, to protect my skin and reduce squinting.

Power-Grip Pedalboard Mounting Tape

PedaboardMountingTapeOfficials at horse shows are increasingly (and rightly) cautious when it comes to approving the use of helmet cams. Safety should always come first, and I am grateful to all those show officials for looking out for us. The key to safely mounting a helmet cam is make it so that it is secure while also allowing it to break away easily in case of a fall. A little bit of this fancy velcro is perfect. Check out my video to see exactly how I apply it.

GoPro HERO5 Session

GoProHero5SessionThis might just be my favorite thing of 2017. I have used a lot of different helmet cams over the years. When my previous one bit the dust, I did a lot of research before choosing this one. The GoPro Session5 Hero is small, light, durable, and waterproof. I shoot at 1080p 60fps using the super wide angle mode, and the picture is AMAZING! Check out this video of Johnny and me from the Ocala Jockey Club to see for yourself.

Back-Up Posture Corrector Support Brace

Back-Up Posture Corrector Support BraceLike a lot of riders, I struggle with back pain. I’m also a chronic sloucher. This year, I started using this back brace to help with both problems. It’s made a big difference, and it’s trim enough that you can wear it under your show coat.

Starwest Botanicals Organic Slippery Elm Bark Powder

Starwest Botanicals Organic Slippery Elm Bark PowderThis stuff is great for your horses’ tummies. It’s done wonders for Hwin in particular, who is noticeably happier on this stuff. Two teaspoons per feeding is all you need. And it’s good for people too!


Tub TrugsI first discovered these when I was over in England, where they are used almost exclusively. They hold more water, and are set on ground level which is a more natural place for horses to drink from. Tub trugs are a lot easier to carry than traditional water buckets. They are easy to pack, and really versatile (you can even use them as muck buckets in a pinch). I love my tubtrugs!


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